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Products and Pricing

The IEBuilder ™ Toolkit is a complete set of tools for building, maintaining, and deploying natural language processing and knowledge management applications.

Developer and Run-time License Summary

Information Extraction Systems offers both individual Developer Licenses for developing applications and Run-time Licenses for deployed applications.

A Developer License provide access to the full functionality of the software and complete documentation. A Developer License may be used only by a single developer and only for development purposes.

For server-based deployments of natural language processing applications built using the IEBuilder Toolkit, a Run-time License (per CPU) is required. Contact sales@InfoExtract.com for more details.

Annual support and maintenance is 20% of the list price.

Academic/non-profit discounts and a "support-only" option for research in natural language processing are also available.

OEM licensing is also available for the IEBuilder Toolkit.

Note to Edition Licensing

The pricing for Developer Licenses is based on use by one (1) developer for all commercial licensing. In the case of Academic licensing, multiple users may have access to the Developer License for the single seat price.

The pricing for Run-time Licenses is based on one (1) CPU. Volume pricing for additional CPUs on one (1) production server or for additional production servers is also available.

Developer Edition

A full-featured natural language processing engine and Software Development Kit written in 100% Java. No volume discounts. Contact us at sales@InfoExtract.com for more details.

Production Server Edition

For deployment of server-based run-time applications developed using the IEBuilder Toolkit development tools. A developer server may be reclassified as a production server by paying the difference in price for a production server. Significant volume discounting applies based on the number of CPUs. Contact sales@InfoExtract.com for pricing.

IEBuilder Project Kick-Start Package

All you need to kick-start your natural language processing project: A 3-day workshop covering concepts, syntax, and implementation issues; 2 days of additional consulting to guide you on your way; and a Developer License of the IEBuilder Toolkit Developer Edition. Contact us at sales@InfoExtract.com for more details.

OEM Licensing, Source Code Licensing, and Volume Discounts

To discuss OEM or source code licensing, or end-user volume discounts, please contact sales@InfoExtract.com.

Academic Licenses

Academic licenses and annual support and maintenance are available to academic, research, and charitable organizations at a large discount on the price on Developer and Runtime Licenses (applicable to each Edition as listed below).

Research Licenses

Annual research licenses, including support and maintenance, are available to academic and research institutions doing research into natural language processing for the cost of the annual support on a commercial Developer License (applicable to each Edition as listed below).

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