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The IEBuilder ™ Toolkit is based on decades of experience in developing successful natural language processing (NLP) applications. This experience teaches many hard-won lessons:

  • Data Analysis Pays Big Dividends : analysis of data representative of the intended task and users reveals beneficial and sometimes unexpected insights
  • Expect to be Wrong : initial ideas of how language works are often defective and sometimes way off the mark
  • Measure Twice, Cut Once : evaluation -- testing performance objectively against standard data samples -- exposes the issues that matter for product development and provides the means to rationalize and prioritize them
  • There's More Than One Way to Do It : there's often no single best way to implement a language processing task -- and frequently a combination of techniques works even better
  • Developing for the "Average" User Means You're Wrong on Average : if you have no other alternative, you should develop for an "average" user, but analysis during development rarely anticipates how a specific individual works

We Did It, So You Won't Have To

These lessons have guided the design and feature set of the IEBuilder SDK. IEBuilder has a unique combination and tightly integrated suite of tools for developing natural language (NLP) applications:

  • multiple NLP technologies and approaches
  • data exploration and discovery tightly integrated into product development and maintenance
  • easy deployment of developed systems
  • built-in adaptation to new users, new usage patterns, and data not anticipated during development
  • pre-built language components
  • slipstreaming your legacy or other third-party language processing technologies

Using the IEBuilder ™ Toolkit
  • Multi-Approach Analysis Engine : use built-in pattern-based, machine-learning, and rule-based NLP technologies

  • Integrated Development and Exploration Environment : Discover language patterns in your data efficiently and incorporate this knowledge in your applications.

  • Corpus Management : Select, sample, annotate, view, categorize, and edit large document collections

  • Annotation : Label and validate data in your document collections using efficient automated methods

  • Run-Time Environment : Convert a development system into a deployed system seamlessly and efficiently

  • Feedback in Development and Run-time Environments : Use feedback to improve product quality and user experience

  • Pre-Built English Language Processing Tools : High-quality and modifiable English language processing tools for tokenization, sentence-boundary detection, inflectional and derivational morphology, part-of-speech analysis, phrase analysis, parsing, gazetteers, ontologies, and spelling correction

  • Customizable Workflows : Construct application and language processing workflows using built-in high-level programming language and rules-based capabilities

  • Use What You've Already Done : Incorporate already existing or third-party language processing tools

  • Roll Your Own : Prototype or make production-ready natural language processing and knowledge management tools using IEBuilder's built-in high-level programming language and tools

  • Portable : Written in platform-independent Java

  • Standards : Uses Unicode character sets and built-in Unstructured Information Management Architecture (UIMA) technology

For more information about IEBuilder, click here.

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