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IEBuilder Toolkit

The InfoExtract™ IEBuilder™ Software Development Kit is a software toolkit for developing and deploying natural language processing applications. The IEBuilder SDK incorporates a suite of patent-pending technologies that increase developer productivity and produce high-performance, portable, adaptive natural language processing applications.

  • Ease of Use
    The IEBuilder SDK makes developers more efficient and development data more valuable. The IEBuilder SDK embodies the hard-earned experience and best practices of years of lexicographic and corpus development.
  • Portability
    The IEBuilder SDK is written entirely in platform-independent Java.
  • Scalability
    Both the IEBuilder SDK and applications you build with it will work efficiently on a broad range of hardware, operating systems, and system configurations – from single-user laptop installations to heavy-duty, distributed, server-based environments.
  • Efficiency
    The IEBuilder SDK and the applications you build with it are fast, responsive, and make efficient use of memory and disk storage.
  • Domain and Language Independence: You can create information extraction applications for any domain: medicine, law, finance, bio-medicine, customer relations management (CRM), public safety, insurance, business intelligence, and so on. The IEBuilder SDK represents and processes language data in Unicode.
  • Adaptivity
    IEBuilder applications “learn” from experience. The IEBuilder SDK provides user feedback and machine learning workflows so that your applications can improve with use.
  • Customization
    You can integrate your own code and algorithms – or easily develop custom workflows – using the IEBuilder plug-in architecture and scripting facilities.
  • State of the Art Techniques
    The IEBuilder SDK provides a standard set of state-of-the-art natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) techniques.
  • Patent Pending
    Information Extraction Systems has three patents pending for the IEBuilder SDK technology: “An Apparatus, System and Method for Developing Tools to Process Natural Language Text” [PCT/US07/13237], “A Satellite Classifier Ensemble” [US 11/821,060], and “Semantic Exploration and Discovery” [US 11/820,677].

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