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About Us

Information Extraction Systems™ develops efficient and cost-effective tools for making adaptive, state-of-the-art natural language processing applications.

IEBuilder's combination of easy-to-use, portable, scalable, and customizable tools make it possible for developers to create applications in multiple languages and domains ... and adjust to the data and behavior of its users.

IES licenses tools and applications to OEMs, VARS, and other customers with a wide range of natural language processing needs.

Win Carus
President and Founder
Win Carus is the Founder and President of Information Extraction Systems, Inc. He has more than twenty years of experience in the research, design, and development of multilingual text and speech natural language technologies for OEM and application markets: spelling correction, hyphenation, proofreading and grammar correction; language recognition; electronic dictionary and reference works; information retrieval; machine translation; speech recognition; and information extraction. He is an inventor on more than seventeen patents in the field of natural language processing. In recent years his research and development efforts have focused on the use of statistical, machine-learning, and corpus-based techniques and user feedback in speech and text processing applications. He was formerly Vice President, Research, of Dictaphone's Applied Language Technologies Group; Distinguished Scientist at Lernout & Hauspie, and Director of Research for Inso Corporation and the Software Division of Houghton Mifflin Company.
You can write to Win at Win.Carus@InfoExtract.com
Tom DePlonty
Chief Architect & VP of Engineering
Tom DePlonty is a twenty-year veteran of the software industry, with expertise in software architecture, design, development, engineering management. For the last fourteen years, his focus has been to apply natural language processing and machine learning techniques for multilingual proofreading, information retrieval, and information extraction. In the early to mid-90s he held positions at Inso Corporation as engineer, project lead, and engineering manager, involved in the development of OEM proofing and information retrieval tools licensed to companies such as Microsoft, Lotus, Corel, Verity, and many other word processing and information retrieval vendors. DePlonty joined Dictaphone as a senior consulting engineer in 2000, and was a driving force behind Dictaphone's NLPR (Natural Language Patient Record) product, an information extraction product for medical documentation which was part of Dictaphone's flagship Enterprise Workstation line. He is a co-inventor of NLPR and several associated patent-pending technologies. In 2006, DePlonty joined Information Extraction Systems, Inc. as Chief Architect and Vice President of Engineering.

You can write to Tom at

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