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20 East Quinobequin Road, Waban MA 02468 | Phone: 617.244.5068 | Fax: 617.244.5068 | Win.Carus@InfoExtract.com

Information Extraction Systems provides tools for building high-performance, multilingual, adaptive, and platform-independent natural language processing applications.

The IEBuilder ™ SDK allows you to incorporate a wide range of natural language processing functions in your application easily and quickly.

To learn more about the IEBuilder ™ suite of easy-to-implement natural language tools and our consulting services, please see About Us.

Add Natural Language to Your Applications the Easy Way ... with IEBuilder!

• Unlock Data Hidden in Text
• Find Data that Matters to You
• Customize Information Retrieval
• State-of-the-Art Language Capabilities

• Publishing
• Medicine
• Law
• Finance
• Public Safety
• Insurance
• Surveillance
• NLP Development Services
• Consulting

Information Extraction Systems, Inc. * 20 East Quinobequin Road * Waban MA * USA * 02468 Phone: (617) 244-5068 Fax: (617) 244-5068

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